Are you where you want to be?

Da Vinci

Poetry: Driving To Kentucky

Dear God, how awesome is your work!

    As we drive through the rolling hills of Georgia and Tennessee,

the amazing canvass that you continuously create

    unfolds before our very eyes, mile after never-ending mile.

Oh God, what fun you must have had.

    Eyes ablaze with inspiration, sweeping color-laden brushes

across earth’s length and breadth,

    perhaps an artist’s black beret perched askance upon your head.

And as the Muse’s smile spread over you face

    you laid down all the vibrant hues of Fall.

(A touch of Michelangelo? Da Vinci? or Van Gogh?

    You gave them all their talents Lord, thus you own their gifts.)    

A rich and glowing riot of red and burnished gold

    with blazing orange amidst patches of deep deciduous green.

Then here and there, as if to satisfy my passionate purple soul,

    a bush or two in lustrous olive-violet or darkest aubergine.


Fall 2004