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About Margo


I have been working in the field of Spirit, Body, Mind for approximately 25 years.  It all began when I attended a Personal Growth Retreat in 1984 and was then asked to become a retreat Team Member.   While helping to facilitate retreats I also trained with the University of Arizona as a NADSAP (Navy Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program) Facilitator. This entailed giving week-long classes over a period of three years, helping young Sailors to identify problem areas in their lives and to use self awareness techniques to make positive changes in their behavior.  Since then I have certified as a massage therapist, Master Reiki (Level III), and more recently as a Life Coach through the Certified Coaches Federation.

I am also very involved as a volunteer, because I firmly believe in the principle of giving back to the community.  Presently I volunteer with Community Hospice of North East Florida, at the Gateway Detox Center, and I am also involved in several ministries at my church: Ministry of Consolation, Retreat Ministry, Eucharistic Minister, Money Counter. I also spend time working one-on-one with several recovering women.

Because I believe that “personal work” is never done, I work with several mentors to continue my own spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth.  The journey is always interesting, especially when detours present themselves!!  Remaining open to the possibilities I never find life boring.  I make time every day for personal quiet time and, as well as reading my meditational books each morning, I try to read something to open my mind.  (Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” is the latest mental food.)  I plan to dedicate a posting in the near future to all the authors who have influenced me along the way.  Blessings to all.