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Prayer Offerings for Margo

I was made aware that some people no longer use Facebook so are unable to add their own prayer intentions for Margo and her cancer diagnosis and prognosis.

This page will serve as a prayer wall where anyone can add their intentions and offers of prayers for Margo.

Here is a snapshot of what we shared on Facebook with extended family and friends on Monday, June 20th:

Dearest family and friends around the world,

You all know the challenge Margo has had with cervical pain and we are blessed that she is recovering from that surgery and getting better every day. Four weeks post op and her surgeon is very pleased with her progress – she is right where they would expect her to be at this point. Each day she gets a little better from that surgery with the pain gone and just the final bits of post-surgical achiness lingering.

During the lead up to that surgery, Margo had a lot of imaging done of her head, neck, shoulders, and chest area. In one of those images, they found an area of shadow and thickening on her left lung and so she was referred to a pulmonologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center and they did a PET scan and then a needle biopsy.

About a week before her cervical surgery, we learned the result of that biopsy and that Margo has a rare form of cancer – Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma – which is a cancer of the lining of the lung. It is at Stage 3, surgery is not an option due to her existing lung capacity, and this cancer has no cure. Treatment via immunotherapy or chemotherapy only adds a few months to the median survival rate which is 12-15 months with either treatment.

After much prayer, reflection, talking to the oncologists, surgeon, and our priests for spiritual guidance we have decided to not undergo any treatment since the side effects impact quality of life significantly. We would much rather make Margo’s quality of life a priority instead in whatever time she has left with us. Every day, at Morning and Evening Prayer, we pray for a miracle for Margo’s healing, but we also acknowledge that all is in God’s hand and according to His will.

We know there are so many awesome prayer warriors here amongst our families and friends and we ask for your prayers for Margo’s healing but if that is not God’s will, then we pray that she has a blessed and easy transition from this life to what I pray is her heavenly reward.

Over the course of the last two weeks, Margo has been enrolled and accepted for palliative and eventually hospice care with Community Hospice and Palliative Care of Northeast Florida – an organization she volunteered with for 20 years. They are a blessing for us and offer so much help. At this stage it is focused on getting things in place for later.

Much is unknown about the future, so prayers give us great comfort.

Thanks for those prayers.


Rich and Margo

3 responses to “Prayer Offerings for Margo”

  1. Bersagliere Ruggieri Mimmo Avatar

    Buonasera dall’Italia cara mamma Margo, le scrivo con il cuore queste parole come fosse la mia mamma, sperando le facciano piacere, perché anche se la distanza è tanta, il cuore è l’affetto di una madre ci fanno sentire vicino…. Le porgo un abbraccio (virtuale) forte forte forte: ciao Margo…..

  2. Donato Ditaranto Avatar

    Hi Margo. I’m a friend of Giulio. I’m sorry to here about your illnesses .My prayers are with you and your family 🙏🙏

  3. Bersagliere Pierpaolo Di Gaspero Avatar

    Buongiorno Margo!
    Sono un Amico di Giulio e posso dirle che, con il suo Amore, è diventato un Uomo degno di stima e di Ammirazione.
    È una Mamma esemplare 😘 ❤

3 Responses to Prayer Offerings for Margo

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