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Spiritual Growth: Being Called To More

On June 18th 2011, I posted Spiritual Growth: The Lenten Mission.  In that posting I explained that Fr. Jim reminded us that Jesus invited us to continue his work on earth (John 14:12-14).  During the Mission I had a personal experience that strengthened this invitation.

On the third evening of the Mission we were encouraged to approach the Prayer Ministers with any requests for special intentions or issues that we might have.  I felt strongly compelled to go to Kevin, one of the Prayer Ministers who had travelled down from Chicago with Fr. Jim.  There were two reasons for my choice.  Firstly, Kevin had played an important role in my husband’s personal experience the previous evening and I wanted to thank him for that, and secondly I was aware of an intense spiritual energy around Kevin and I wanted to experience that for myself.

As I began to express my gratitude to him and then started to speak my first special prayer request, Kevin held up his right hand and said, “Stop Margo.  Do you realize how much the Spirit is working in you, already using you to do his work?”  I was somewhat taken aback, and faltered in my reply as Kevin continued to say to me, “But why are you holding back Margo?  What are you afraid of?”  Again, I fumbled with my words even as a picture formed in my mind.

Seven years prior, shortly after arriving in Jacksonville, I had bought a bicycle with the intention of riding it in my wonderfully safe neighborhood.  The bicycle has sat in my garage – unused.  I have been scared to get on it because it’s been about 50 years since I’ve been on a bike. I have allowed my pride to get in the way thinking that I  might fall off and people might laugh at me.   By the same token there have been many times in the past when I have wanted to share something about my faith or do something to be an example of God working and I have held back, scared of what people might think.

I shared this with Kevin and he said, “No more Margo, Spirit is calling you to more.  You cannot be afraid anymore.  He needs you to do His work.”  At that point I spoke my other prayer requests which were for my children, and then Kevin prayed earnestly over me.  I became aware of intense heat surrounding me, I felt a quiver go through my body, and the next thing I remember I “woke up” lying on the floor in front of the altar of the church and I knew Spirit had been with me.

Little did I know at that time that this phrase, you are being called to more, was going to be repeated to me two more times in the next few weeks.  And this by two widely disparate people in totally different locations and circumstances, who were not in the least bit connected to Kevin or any form of Healing Prayer Ministry.  But that will be for two more separate postings.

Today, I share this posting from Brainerd, MN. We arrived here yesterday at about 4.30pm after another day of beautiful riding.

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