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Spiritual Growth: Forgiveness

I came across some notes that I took during the course of a retreat.  The speakers had been presenting their views on forgiveness.  These are the notes that I made during the presentations.


-  Forgiveness:  the warm fuzzy feeling doesn’t happen immediately – maybe never.  The important thing is to make the decision to forgive because it is the
   right thing to do, for God and for us.  And most times we have to make that decision on a daily basis for a long time before any peacefulness about 
   the situation or the person comes into our hearts.  “Faking it till you make it” doesn’t quite apply in this circumstance, because a deep willingness to forgive
   needs to be there.  It is important that we practice making that decision every day for the peace to come.


I thought it was quite God-incidental that I came across these notes a couple of days ago because someone has just sent me a very interesting article about forgiveness which, I think, puts another slant on the topic.  It is the recording of a conversation between a person called John Cali and another “person”, Joseph (referred to as Chief Joseph), whom Cali channels through. These are Chief Joseph’s thoughts on forgiveness.


“We are going to say something right here at the start which may surprise or even shock some of you. 

There is never a need or a reason to forgive another person.  That’s not your job. 

True forgiveness, friends, is forgetting – forgetting the pain, the anger, the sadness – and remembering the love.

Forgiveness is really about letting go.  Letting go, and forgetting, the pain you’re holding onto.  And whatever that pain is, you – not the other person – created it.  The pain is self-inflicted.  Always, no exceptions.

Forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person.  It has everything to do with you, and only you.

Do you think God holds grudges? Do you think your higher self holds resentments?

When you are willing to go through that process you call forgiveness, you are remembering who you are, who your higher self is – God.

If you insist on forgiving, then forgive yourself.  Whatever real or imagined harm the other person did, did not hurt you.  Only your thoughts allowed you to be hurt.

No one can hurt you without your consent.  The other person, acting in the best way she or he could in the moment, was there in that moment because the two of you co-created that experience.

No one is to “blame”.

If you see such situations from your higher self’s perspective, your pain will go away.  All that will remain is the love.

Pain is illusion.  Love is real.”


I have been pondering on this for the last few days and although it is tough, I think it is right.  I probably need to give it some more thought and talk it through with some friends that I trust, but the more I think about it the more it resonates in my heart.  Hope it gives you some food for thought.