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Musings: The Tapestry of Life

The other day I was reading a small reflection about how we are all part of the tapestry of life.  The reflection said that we are all unique threads in the great tapestry of life, each with our own subtle texture and color.  It lead to to think about my own life and to see how that is a unique tapestry of its own. The events that have taken place, the people that have crossed my path, and my response or reaction to both of these, have all contributed to the rich cloth that has been woven. 

I also think of my life as representative of the seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Some of the threads are black and grey and dark brown and these form the winter scenes.  Others are bright yellow and light green and various hews of light blue creating renewal of life spring scenes.  Bright gold, vivid red and brilliant greens and blues form the summer, and then there are the gorgeous burnt tones of autumn – orange, ochre yellows, rich rusty browns and deep reds and purples.

As I thought more about this particular view of life I had a sudden memory of “photo tapestries”.  This type of art form came onto the scene maybe ten or fifteen years ago.  The artist would take thousands of photos of human faces.  Then he or she would render them as miniature pictures and lay them out to create one large unique image of a specific face, usually someone famous such as the Mona Lisa.

And so I thought of God as the artist creating each of us and then allowing us to co-create our life tapestry/photo through our behavior choices and responses to life events.  He would then take each completed photo and lay it out with all the others to form a complete photo-tapestry of the whole world from start to finish.

Just imagine, we are each a tiny, unique, infinitesimal yet very important part of the whole. We are each a wonderful creation of God with possibilities and opportunities to create a grand self portrait.  Then he, the Grand Master Artist, gets to take our individual  portraits – our works of art – to blend them together to create his work of art – the human history of the world.

As I thought this all through it made me want to make the rest of my life as beautiful and as interesting as possible. I want my life to represent joy and love and laughter.  I know I have created many winter scenes, but I have also managed to weave in to my own personal tapestry/life portrait much of spring and summer and the glorious tones of autumn.

Then, when it is time, I will lay my gift at the feet of the Master.  Only he knows where my creative work shall be placed in the bigger scheme of things.  Only he knows the unique offering that I have made to the whole.  Only he knows and can appreciate the bigger picture.  And when the time is right I am sure he will allow me to share that too.