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Spiritual Growth: More Prayer Power

I have focused on prayer in several of my postings: Prayer- A Tool Of Spirituality; Spirituality & Shared Wisdom- Tough Times And Prayer; Sacred Riding- My Harley Prayer Time; Spiritual Growth-  Personal Prayers.  I have also mentioned prayer many times in other postings which relate to different subject matter. This is probably because prayer is such an important part of my spiritual life.

When I think about it, prayer makes up the greater part of my day.  Now don’t start thinking I’m some pious freak who spends all day in church.  Not so.  But prayer has become an integral part of everything that I do throughout my days.  You see prayer for me does not have to be always in a formal “religious” or church setting.

As I go about my daily activities I have a conscious contact with my Creator, whether I am making beds, doing the laundry, or cooking the next meal.  I will either be thanking Him for blessings received (or those yet to come), or praising Him for the glory of his creation, or making intercessions on behalf of people who have asked for prayers. 

Sometimes I will be letting Him know about a resentment I may be struggling with, and at other times I let Him know how angry or upset I am about a particular situation.  And then again, I may be telling Him that I am tired and wished I had a wife to make the beds, to do the laundry, and to cook those meals!!!

I try to remember every day to invite God into my day with me.  When I get into the car I pat the passenger seat and ask him to ride along with me.  I usually tell him what I think about some of the other drivers on the road and ask Him to keep me safe!  Wherever I go, whatever I may be doing, I have my conversation with God.  I totally trust that He is there 24/7 for me.

The other day during a purge of some old files, I came across this exquisite prayer that I would like to share with you.


How wondrous are Your ways, God.  How wondrous are Your ways.  It is you I see in the beauty of the trees and the loveliness of the flowers.  It is You I feel in the stillness of the mountains and the grandeur of the seas.  When I gaze into the eyes of those around me, You are there.  When I look into a mirror, it is You I am looking at – and You I am looking with!

In my times of highest joy and most contentment, there You are.  In my times of lowest despair and disappointment, I find You still.  Thank You, God, for Your faithfulness even when I was not aware.

Your love expressing through me is as gentle as the baby lamb – unafraid, tender, pure.  It reaches out to bless the lives of those in my world.

Your power and strength expressing through me are as mighty and unyielding as the crashing waves and giant redwoods.  They give me courage to do what I must do and to help those I must help.

Your peace expressing through me is as deep and comforting as a thousand lullabies.  It soothes my pains and brings me the peace that allows me to bring serenity to others in my life.  Thank You, God for creating me and using me to express more of Yourself in all ways.

May my mouth ever utter only kind words.  May my eyes ever see only beauty.  May my ears ever hear only the sweet sounds of life.  May my heart ever harbour only compassion and love, for these are Your ways.  Thank You for my growing awareness of You – for the knowing deep within my soul that You are all.

How wondrous are Your ways, God, how wondrous are Your ways.

I have no idea where this prayer came from.  It is typed on a single sheet of paper with no reference to author or date.  It must be from a British source because of the spelling of the word “harbour” in the last paragraph.  I guess it really doesn’t matter where it originated from.  What matters is the content which I find to be utterly beautiful.