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Prayer: A Tool Of Spirituality

Over the last few days the theme of prayer has come up in my daily readings and in conversations with friends.  It has made me realize and be grateful for just how much time I spend daily in prayer.  It has also made me wonder why prayer has become such an important part of my daily life.

First and foremost prayer gets me quiet.  It slows me down and forces me to a place of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual rest.  I can get very busy, too busy.  Busyness can become almost a form of escape for me, and that can be a dangerous place for me because it has me rushing through life without an appreciation for the present moment and all that offers.

When I become wrapped up in busyness I risk getting tired and stressed out.  When I live in that state I do not do well.  I get irritated and crabby.  Relationships suffer, I suffer.  Prayer centers me and brings me to a place of calm.  When I am calm I can be more objective and less hyper about everything.  I can make better decisions that affect me and those within my daily living circle.   

Secondly prayer puts me in my rightful place with my Creator.  Through prayer I offer Him praise and thanksgiving for all the blessings in my life.  I come to Him in meekness and humility as I acknowledge my inability to do this life thing without His help.  And it is in my praying that I become attuned to His presence in my life.  Prayer gives me the opportunity to build a deeper more intimate relationship with my God.

Prayer brings me right into the arms of God and His incredible love for me.  All my life I have looked for love in the wrong places.  When I am immersed in prayer I am fully immersed in the love of God.  I feel His presence within me and around me.  I am at peace.

Thirdly, as prayer puts me In my rightful place with God, so it also puts me in my rightful place with my fellow human beings.  Prayer time allows me the chance to pray for the well-being of others.  It takes me out of self and therefore away from selfishness and self centeredness.  It gives me the chance to intercede with God on behalf of others and their intentions.  Praying for others is truly a blessing and a joy.

Prayer is an important part of my spiritual development.  It recharges my batteries and restores and revives my soul.  When I allow the power of prayer to fill me then I am more capable of living a productive and creative life.  I am more able to use wisely the talents that God has blessed me.  Daily prayer sets me on the right path each day.