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Vignettes: Giulio’s Wedding

Imagine a movie set in a sunny Mediterranean country: imagine Italy.  Imagine a small quiet town nestled at the feet of a range of mountains; imagine Aviano.  Imagine a warm sunny day, picture perfect for a wedding; imagine 13 June 2009.

I am so excited.  I am the mother of the groom!  My youngest son Giulio is about to marry the woman of his dreams – Alina.  They have grown their love together for about 5 years.  They have walked through some tough times and have enjoyed much happiness.  They are now ready to declare to the world that they wish to become husband and wife and create a family.

Imagine a small cobbled square bathed in sunshine in the center of Aviano.  Trees offer a shady oasis on one side of the square where  Giulio and myself and other family members and friends await his bride.  And there she is, rounding the corner accompanied by family and friends.  Giulio and I move into the entrance of City Hall.

What a fairytale sight as Alina crosses the square.  This woman has a sweet angelic face that is haloed by blond hair and a shimmering veil that floats gently on a soft breeze.  She looks like a princess in her stunning white crinoline gown.  She is so perfect for my sweet-tempered son Giulio.

She comes into City Hall followed by the two flower girls Elysia and Daisy my great nieces.  Their older brother Cameron is the ring bearer and he moves into place behind Giulio as he takes his bride to the front of the hall and they stand before the officiator and registrar.

Imagine a love so palpable that it seems as though it can be touched.  Imagine a love so real that it radiates from them, flows between them visible to all those present.  Imagine a love that fills their eyes to overflowing.  Imagine a love that playfully touches their lips as they smile at each other.  Imagine a love that puts a glow on their faces as though they have been touched by the Almighty himself.

I stand to the side and watch their faces as they listen to the solemn words of the laws that govern the sanctity of marriage in Italy.  They are both attentive and focused.  They know exactly what they are doing and are ready to face the future together.  There are no tears for me.  I am so full of joy and happiness as I see the love they share.  This is indeed a day that the Lord hath made.

Vows are finally exchanged.  They are declared husband and wife.  Giulio kisses his bride.  They smile, they laugh, they are so happy.   We all spill joyously out into the square.  Good luck rice is thrown (it’s an Italian thing!) and photos are taken.  Finally I can say: I am a mother-in-law:-).

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