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Poetry: Your Love


It is fitting that the first poem I share here is dedicated to my husband, Richard.  Over the 25 years of our marriage he has encouraged and supported me unconditionally as I have travelled all the paths that my spiritual and personal growth have taken me.  It has been quite a ride at times with strange detours and unexpected twists and turns.  He is not only my husband, he is also my lover, my friend, my companion, and my spiritual partner.  I am grateful for his presence in my life.


Your love for me is

              the very breathe of my life

              the rhythmic beat of my heart

Your love for me is

              the joy in a golden sunrise

              the awesome wonder of a setting sun

Your love for me is

              the silver beauty of the high full moon

              the dazzling splendor of a velvet star-lit night

Your love for me is

              the beautiful woman who is our daughter

              the flesh of our flesh, blood of our blood

Your love for me is

              the savory smell of Sunday breakfast

              the cup of hot tea beside my bed

Your love for me is

              the reflection of all that I feel for you

              the care and compassion of God himself

November ‘05

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