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The Caged Muse: On Vacation

I have been away, halfway round the world.  I left behind my laptop and gave myself completely to “il dolce far niente” – the sweet doing of nothing.  It was a family vacation in that we spent all our time with members of the far-flung family, first in England then in Italy.  We had two weddings to celebrate: a niece in West Yorkshire and and my youngest son in Aviano, northern Italy.

We were on the go and travelling quite a bit.  Our days were filled with happy reunions, much joy, and lots of eating.  We are of Italian stock and food is very central to all occasions and celebrations.  Any vague thoughts of diet (which I get from time to time!), fly out the window when the best Indian cuisine outside of India is available.  And don’t  get me started on the glories of fresh, really authentic, Italian food that goes from market stall to table in just a few hours.

Because of all the travelling and varying weight restrictions from one airline to another I chose to leave my trusty laptop at home. It was a wise choice for the vacation because we were so busy coming and going and sight seeing and catching up that there really was no time to write.  But as the vacation progressed I was aware that there was a lot of stuff being collected in my brain bank with nowhere to go.  I felt like Johnny-5 from the Short Circuit movies:  input, input, input! 

There were so many joyous moments, so much amazing food, such incredibly emotional events, and so much natural beauty to take in.  And now I need to share it with the world!!  The Muse was caged for over three weeks.  It has taken another week to catch up on jet lag, get into a somewhat normal routine with life in general, and now she prowls.  The Muse needs out!  Spirit, body , and mind have been fed to maximum and need an outlet.  Watch this space!!