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Nurturing The Mind/Feeding The Soul: “Wicked”

There is nothing quite like the electric sizzle that I feel inside when I go to see a play or a show.  That magical sense of anticipation and wonder as I wait for lights to dim and curtain to rise are inimitable. I know  that I am going to be transported into a world of fantasy and grease paint, lighting and special effects, and I cannot wait for the show to begin.  As I stated in my posting “Taking Care of Spirit, Body and Mind”, going to the theater is a great way to nurture both the soul and the mind.

Saturday 9 May 2009 saw me at the Moran Theater to see a much anticipated matinee performance of “Wicked”.  The theater was packed.  There was a buzz of excitement that I hadn’t experienced in a long while.  There were even a few young witches in long black robes, wonderful pointy hats, and green faces scattered throughout the audience.  Smaller girls were impatiently waiting in line to get to their seats, eyes sparkling, cheeks glowing.

As we entered the auditorium we were greeted by a gigantic, Merlin-like dragon fixed above the stage curtain, with wings spread wide.  He had flaring nostrils, his eyes were large with dull red lighting gels in them and he had fearsome claws.  I knew we were in for some good old-fashioned fear-inducing, fire-breathing dragon works!!

As soon as the curtains rose we were greeted with an explosion of color and movement.  The sets were stunning, the costumes were amazing, and the choreography  was incredible.  The music was an awesome backdrop to some of the best stage singing that I have ever heard.  The two young actors playing the roles of the “good and bad witches” had singing talent and acting talent to spare.  Their final duet, which showcased a theme of tough and tender friendship, will remain etched in my heart and my memory forever.

I left the theater at the end of the show with spirits uplifted. My senses had received a workout, a massage, a caress, a jolt of electricity.  I had been treated to the gift of raw talent and creativity, and I was going home feeling completely sated.  Now that’s what I call nurturing the mind and the spirit!

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